La Jolla Snorkel Gear Rentals

All Day:

Snorkel, Fins & Mask, Wet Suit- $35

Snorkel, Fins & Mask (NO Wet Suit)- $30

All Day:

Mask- $15

Fins- $15

Wet Suit- $10

Snorkel gear rentals allow you to explore La Jolla’s vibrant coastline and diverse marine life on your own. We have masks and snorkels for adults and kids, as well as a wide array of fins to fit almost everyone (We do not have prescription snorkel masks). There is plenty of rental gear if you’re looking to take a large group on the water.

This option comes with everything you need: mask, snorkel, and fins for the day. You can add a wetsuit to the package as well if you’re worried about being cold! Don’t worry about sizing, we have gear that fits everyone from NFL players to small children.

If you don’t need the whole package, you can rent each item separately for the day.

When: Everyday
Duration: All Day
Start Times: Any Time
Meeting Place: Everyday California Shop
Price: $30 without wetsuit, $35 with wetsuit
Group Size: 20 Person Max
Ages: 5+