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$25- 1 HR/ Mission Bay Stand Up Paddle Board

We offer great beginner level paddle boards that will allow anyone to have a fun experience.

1 Hour: $25
2 Hours: $45
3 Hours: $60
4 Hours: $75

Rental Requirements – Must be 18 to sign a rental agreement, have a drivers license or major credit card to leave as a deposit.  Suggested minimum age is 12.  

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?  We have two locations right on Mission Bay which is about 10-minutes north of downtown San Diego, 10-minutes south of La Jolla and minutes from Pacific Beach.  Our locations are unique because they are the closest to the full speed zone.  Meaning, you get to go fast sooner rather than travelling in the 5mph zone for 20-minutes like you have to from other rental companies.  Also, because we are located right on the bay there is zero hassle with towing equipment, you just hop on and go!  We are at the marina at both locations, directly next to the ramp to the marina at Campland and in between C and D dock at The Dana Hotel.

DO I NEED A RESERVATION?  Yes, reservations are strongly suggested for boats and waverunners.  In the summer especially because we do sell out.  We typically always sell out of our all day specials because we have limited inventory, reservations are highly recommended.  We have a 48-hour (72-hour for holiday weekends) cancellation policy so you can make any changes or cancellations within that window without any charge or penalty, after that it is a $100 charge per piece of equipment.  Please arrive at our office at least 20-minutes prior to your reservation to complete the rental agreement and check out process.  All non-motorized rentals are first come first serve, no reservations.

WHERE DO I PARK?  We are onsite at The Dana Hotel and Campland on the Bay.  Typically, you can park right on site, the main lot south of The Dana Hotel lobby and the parking lot next to the exit at Campland on the Bay.  However, in peak summer months and holiday weekends parking may be full and therefore unavailable, but it’s a short walk from street parking.  During summer, the rangers at the gate at Campland on the Bay will charge $20 cash to park onsite, after you complete your rental please ask our attendant to give you a voucher and the rangers will refund your $20.  If you forget to bring $20 and have a boat or waverunner reservation with us, please ask the ranger to give us a call.  Please give yourself ample time to park.

IS THERE A MINIMUM AGE REQUIREMENT/DO I NEED A DEPOSIT?  Yes, the person that is assuming the responsibility for the rental (signing the agreement) must be 18-years-old or older and all rentals require a deposit of some kind.  Non-motorize rentals require a drivers license or valid photo ID.  Motorized rentals (boats/waverunners) require a drivers license or valid photo ID along with a major credit card that has a minimum of $500 charging ability on it – or a $500 cash deposit.

WHAT ARE THE ADDITIONAL AGE REQUIREMENTS?  Nobody under the age of 18 is permitted to drive our boats.  Ages 16-18 with a valid drivers license may drive the waverunners with a parent signing their waiver.  Any age can be a passenger with an adult driving.  Regardless of age, only people that have completed the paperwork and checkout process can drive.

WHEN DOES MY RENTAL TIME BEGIN?  Your rental may begin when when you leave the dock or it may begin at your reservation time.   For non-motorized rentals your time will begin when you depart.  For motorized rentals, we ask that you arrive at our office least 30-minutes prior to your reservation so that you can complete the waivers and the checkout process.  If every person that is driving arrives at our office 30-minutes prior to your reservation and you depart the dock after your reservation time because of a hold up on our end, your time begins when you leave the dock.  If you leave the dock late because you did not arrive 30-minutes ahead of your reservation or because your group is delayed then your rental time begins at your reservation time.  We will always try and be as flexible as we can, however, in peak summer months when we are sold out we don’t have a lot of flexibility.  If you would like additional time to review the operation on the equipment please feel free to arrive as early as you would like, we are happy to spend the time you feel you need to insure you are comfortable operating the equipment.

WHAT ARE THE ALL DAY WAVERUNNER (jet ski) SPECIALS?  We offer an ‘all day’ rate (M-F 10am-4pm).  Arrive at 10am (or later but regardless of when you begin, you are due back by 4pm) to begin the check-out process.  The rental rate does not include the cost of fuel.  The waverunner comes with a full tank of gas but not a free tank of gas.  We will keep track the amount of gas you use via the fuel gauge, at the end of your rental you will pay $5/gal for the gas you used.  The average cost is $80, but I have seen it as high as $120.

SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THE BOAT!  Unfortunately, sometimes boats and waverunners run into mechanical problems.  We pride ourselves in having new equipment and keeping it in great condition, but, like all things with a motor, they can break.  We will do everything in our power to accommodate you and appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

Adventure Water Sports has been offering water sports rentals on Mission Bay since 1995!

About Mission Bay – Mission Bay was man made in from the 1940’s-1960’s and was designated as an aquatic playground in San Diego. Mission Bay Park covers 4200 acres in roughly equal parts of land and water. A network of waterways, inlets and islets make the best way to explore Mission Bay by boat, wave runner, stand up paddle board and kayak. Most of its 27 miles of meandering shoreline are sandy beaches. The paramount symbol of watery fun in Mission Bay is the Sea World Adventure Park in the southeast quadrant of the park. At Fiesta Island and Leisure Lagoon in the east bay, the names say it all, while it’s easy to imagine what to expect at places like Sail Bay and Mariners Cove on the west end. There’s always something happening in Mission Bay, from waterskiing and wakeboarding to sailing and swimming.  Mission Bay is approximately ten minutes north of downtown San Diego.

The Dana Hotel

1710 West Mission Bay Drive
​San Diego, CA 92109
(619) 226-8611

Equipment available: Wave Runners (jet skis), 19 ft. Ski Boat, Pontoon Boat, Stand Up Paddle Boards, Bicycles and Peddle Boats.

Parking: Parking is available in the main lot of the hotel.  The marina is located near by.  Occasionally, they have weddings and the lot is not available.; in that case please park on the frontage road in front of the hotel.

​Campland on The Bay
2211 Pacific Beach Drive
​San Diego, CA 92109
​(858) 581-9300

Equipment available: Wave Runners (jet skis), Ski Boats, Stand Up Paddle Boards and Aqua Cycles.

Parking: During summer months Campland may charge $20 (cash only) to park onsite.  At the end of your rental please ask for a voucher and they will refund your $20.

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